Finding a Venue, the Decision

Once we came to terms with our budget and ran more numbers on my ridiculous budget spreadsheet, we had some more long discussions about what we wanted to do with our wedding.

I was surprised to hear that Mister P had fallen for the Outdoor Garden at Phipps.  I always loved the idea of getting married outside, but weather in Pittsburgh is pretty unpredictable, and I didn’t want to stress about the weather, so I didn’t think getting married outside was a realistic option for me.  Though it is beautiful.

Outdoor garden AND a fall wedding! Photo via Panoramio by Suzana Lee Trapuzzano

 And after the ceremony, the new Mr. and Mrs. can take a “love walk” through the garden…

Outdoor garden / via Phipps

The more I thought about the wedding, though, I realized it really doesn’t matter to me whether the wedding is inside or outside – I’m going to stress about the weather regardless, because that’s just the way I am.  I might as well take my chances on a beautiful garden wedding, and potentially have to get married on a sidewalk under a tent as a plan B.  Obviously that option is less than ideal, but at the end of the day, I’ll be married to the love of  my life, and I’m trying to keep the whole thing in perspective as I stress about the details that don’t really matter. 😛

SO, we made the decision to get married in the Outdoor Garden at Phipps.

My ideal place at Phipps to get married was the Broderie room.  It’s beautiful, cozy, and perfect for a dreamy, romantic, intimate wedding.  However, it only holds 50 people standing, and that’s just not enough for our wedding, so my dreams got shattered by reality pretty early on in the process.

Photo by Finest Moments Photography

I had to give up my dream of this, and these lovelies

Photos by LeeAnn Marie Collective

But all hope is not lost!  You can pay an exorbitant rental fee to take pictures in any room of the Conservatory, and so we decided to pay the extra fee to rent the Broderie room for 45 minutes to take photos post-ceremony.  This almost satisfies my dream of having our wedding in that room, as well as gives us a great place (indoors) for photos, which will help in case of rain!  Even though I will probably stress about the weather forecast, we opted to take a risk with the weather.  I hope it works out, but even if we have to get married under a tent, at least we can have gorgeous pictures inside the Broderie room, and inside our lovely reception facility.

As for the reception, we decided that after photos at Phipps, we will head to our reception at the Mayernik Center.

Remember when I said I don’t like banquet halls?  Well, the Mayernik Center is kind of a banquet hall.  It definitely has the stereotypical banquet chairs that make me say UGH (and I don’t mean na na na na).

 You’ve seen these chairs at probably 90% of weddings and banquets.  They’re not Chiavari, but oh well.  Ultimately, for what we wanted for the reception, the Mayernik Center covered the bases at a reasonable price with good options (like BYOB!).

I’ve sort of had to abandon my opinions on a lot of things  throughout this process thus far, and I’m sure I’ll have to compromise on a lot of other stuff too.  That’s okay though.  What really matters is that we get married, and we have a good time doing it.  Hopefully we’ll have good weather for the garden wedding I’ve dreamed of…

Are you getting married at your dream venue?  Do you have an irrational passion for or against banquet chairs?  Will you be stressing over the weather leading up to your wedding day?


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