Dropping the Ball

No, not me.  I’m talking about our first caterer visit – or non-visit, as it were.

After being pretty pumped about getting an appointment to do a tasting during one of the only available times between the work-school-work insanity that is my life, we had one of our biggest disappointments yet in the planning process.

Both Monsieur P and I had to make arrangements to leave work early in order to make it to the appointment, which was supposed to start at 5.  At 5:02 (with such a jam-packed schedule, I often am a few minutes behind), I was yanking on the caterer’s doors, to no avail.  They were locked.  I poked around and the place appeared to be empty, which I didn’t think really made sense, as their normal hours were supposed to be until 6pm, though they operate mainly through appointments, of course.

I went back to my car, pulled up the email on my phone to make sure I had the right day and time, and I did.  I called the number in the email and left a voicemail something like this:  “Hi, this is Miss Parisian… I’m here, but no one else seems to be… I don’t know what happeneddddd…” with mounting annoyance at the end because the longer I waited, the more angry I got!

By this point, the mister had shown up, completely confused.  He had gotten caught up at work coming back from a trip and had to drop off a fleet vehicle, so he was running a little later than I was.  He could tell from the look on my face that something wasn’t right, or maybe he could see the steam coming out of my ears.  He asked me what was wrong, and I pretty much exploded.

Mobile data roaming charges - woman in red screaming at mobile phone

A much more adorable version of how Monsieur P found me.

The anger, disappointment, frustration, and strangely enough, embarrassment, made me want to cry.  I know it’s stupid to cry over something as silly as a vendor missing an appointment, but I knew that this was one shot to get something done for the wedding, and I had already set my mind to this caterer being my #1 choice.  We gathered our composure, and headed home, where I promptly changed into pjs and moped on the couch the rest of the evening.

This sounds about right…

Since that incident, I received a couple of voicemails and emails from the caterer, with what I deemed to be a bullshit apology and explanation, that there is another girl with the same name getting married at the same place, who scheduled an appointment for another day/time, so they got them mixed up and thought I had rescheduled our appointment.

And then, I did a horrible thing.  I did nothing.  I didn’t respond to the emails or the voicemails.

Now, there’s something you should know about me.  I’m headstrong, bull-headed, stubborn, outspoken, and generally not afraid of confrontation.  But I can also be a bit of a conflict-avoider at times, which is the trait that took over in this situation.  I couldn’t bring myself to terms with the situation and find the right way to move forward, so I just did nothing.

Now, we’re 8 months from the day and still don’t have our caterer situation figured out, because I can’t seem to bring myself to deal with it.  I think the hardest part is thinking that I may veto my top-choice vendor based on one count of poor time management.  But standing us up for an appointment, to me, shows a few different negative things – poor management in the office, a disrespect for my time, and the potential for future mishaps, just because my name is popular enough to get me confused with another bride?!  In the end, I can’t see us choosing a vendor that made such a big mistake, and put so much distrust into my mind.  Life is stressful enough without dealing with a flaky vendor.

Did you suffer any planning setbacks?  Were you stood up by a vendor?  Please tell me I’m not the only one with avoidance issues…


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