Hey, Show Me Your Box: Asking My Ladies

There are many wedding-related ideas that make the rounds, and probably get pinned by every bride-to-be ever.  But since I’ve already told you how I can’t have Pinterest, I have to find my ideas the old-fashioned way.  Well, kind of, I still love me some Google!

So, if you’re on Pinterest, or any other wedding site, you’ve probably seen these lovelies.  This beauty was my inspiration.  I wanted to ask my bridesladies in a “cute” way, while providing them with plenty of information (to make an informed decision before saying yes, of course).  Enter, the bridesmaid boxes.

My inspiration – via Rinse. Repeat. Blog

Now, apparently there are tons of places you can buy these on Etsy, but I’m stubborn and deem myself crafty, so I say:  I can make those!

Throughout the course of our engagement, I’ve reunited with my old favorite crafting friends, JoAnn, Michael, and Pat.  So, I set off to see JoAnn, debit card, coupons, and lofty goals in hand.

Now, when I say lofty goals, I truly mean lofty.  I think at one point I was toying with the idea of buying the boxes, burning the ladies’ names on the lid with my old woodburner, and finishing the boxes with a nice stain.  At another point, I planning on lining the boxes with fabric in our wedding colors.

Go ahead, you can laugh at me now.  It’s okay, that’s what happens with DIY and lofty crafting goals!

Now let me tell you what happened when reality set in.

I purposely set out when I knew that these cigar boxes were on sale, and I had coupons as well.  I loooooove saving money on craft supplies everything!  I grabbed 4 of the boxes, and skipped over to fabric to try to find a nice fabric in our wedding colors.  Whomp, whomp.  Of course I couldn’t find any fabric that I liked.

Undeterred, I cha-cha’ed over to the scrapbooking section to find some nifty scrapbooking paper in our wedding colors.  Perfect!  I was a bridal genius, you guys!  Nothing could stop this DIY train.

Except I couldn’t find anything in the right shade in scrapbooking paper, either.  Whomp, whomp.

Now, it may have just been because I had unrealistic expectations about our wedding colors, but the world didn’t seem to have the same ideas for colors as I had in my head.  So, like any discouraged, naughty DIY-er, I let those bad boys sit in my dining room for a few months before I did anything else with them.  Curious to see if my crafting mojo resurfaced?  You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

Did you have a DIY train derailed during wedding planning?  Do you have tips to help a DIY bride get her groove back?  Tell me I’m not the only one who dances through craft stores…


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