Hey, Show Me Your Box: Getting to Work

When we last left off, I had some plain cigar boxes sitting in my dining room, untouched, for a few months because I couldn’t seem to find the balance between my dream for our wedding colors and reality.  Well, fast forward to approximately a week before my future sister-in-law was due to visit us in Pittsburgh, and crap.  Time to get to work and get those bridesmaids boxes done so I could present them to my girls before we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses!

Since I procrastinated, I was forced to work with what I had in my craft supplies.  It worked pretty well since it gave me no room to second-guess what I was doing!  Here’s what I used that I already had in my craft box:

  • acrylic paints (bought for a previous project, used pink, orange, and black)
  • paint brushes
  • cardstock
  • blank square gate-fold cards that I found on sale at Marshall’s a year earlier
  • pink ribbon
  • punch tags, also found on sale at Marshall’s a year earlier
  • lace-cutout border punch, bought on sale at JoAnn’s and just waiting for an occasion!

First up, I decided I liked the bracket look of the inspiration, but I wanted to make the box something that my girls could reuse for jewelry or trinkets.  I decided to personalize the box with their name on the top.  Instead of staining the box, I decided to paint it with a blend of our wedding colors, pink and orange.  I found a bracket template, something like this one from Paper Source.  I sketched it onto the box with a pen so I could see it through the paint once I painted the box.

IMG_0942 IMG_0941 IMG_0943

All photos personal.

Then, because I was a combination of too short on time and too lazy, I free-handed the names inside the brackets with black paint and traced the outline of the bracket because I thought it needed an outline.  I apologize for the blurring of the names, but here’s the final result with the outline on the lid!

I typed in the names on this version, sorry!
I typed in the names on this version, sorry!

For the next step, I wanted to line the inside with our wedding colors, so I used some leftover cardstock that I had from a previous wedding project.


Now, the primary reason for these boxes was to share information:  on the details of the wedding that we had already planned, on my vision for the bridesmaids’ dresses, as well as my dress, and to share some inspiration pictures.  It was not really to ask them to be my bridesmaid, although it was sort of a dual-purpose, making-it-official thing, since I hadn’t technically asked them.  It was much more assuming than that.  More like “hey, we’re getting married on this day, you’re my sister, so you know you have to be there, right?  K.  Love ya sis!”

So, once I lined the boxes to make them a little more colorful, I worked on the inserts.  I really enjoy the layered-info-card (like pocket invites with info cards?! OMG. Swoon. But that’s for another post) look for wedding invitations and such, and I’m a freak about sharing oh-too-so-much information, so this is my jam.

I started by determining how many layers I wanted, and what information to put on each.  I decided to go with the following:

  • Wedding Details – the basic info they already knew for quick reference
  • Wedding Day Attire – I shared my inspiration
  • Expectations – Self-explanatory, I shared my expectations of them (minimal)
  • A Question – The official “Will you be my bridesmaid/Matron of Honor” question

Once I decided what information to put where, I typed it all out and printed them on 5×7-sized paper.

I created a “wedding logo” to put at the top of each sheet with our names and wedding date.  Sorry they’re blurred out.


Then I trimmed the inserts to varying lengths to make them layer properly.  I used my corner-rounder to finish them off and make them pretty!  I also used some shimmery cardstock as a backing for the last insert and to make the whole packet a little more substantial.

Stacked inserts

To hold it all together, I decided to create a belly band of sorts, using this fabulous lace border paper punch that I bought on sale at JoAnn’s during one of their awesome scrapbooking/Fiskars sales.


I actually used scraps of cardstock for this part, cut into one-inch wide strips, and carefully lined up the border punch to make the belly band.  I used a little dot from a glue-roller to hold the belly band together around the inserts, and voila!


I present:  a very pink (and orange) detailed pile of wedding information!

I also wrote each girl a personalized note inside the blank cards, which I lined with scrapbook paper to make sure they were both pink AND orange, to tell her how much she means to me and why I want her with me on our wedding day.


To go with all of the written information and lovey-dovey stuff, I included some inspiration pics for my vision of the bridesmaids’ dresses, topped with my dress inspiration.  I tied the pictures together with a ribbon and a cute tag that I had in my craft supply.

Inspiration Pics

And there you have it!  Of course they all said “yes” and we started the quest for a dress!  Or, dresses.

Full box
The finished product!

Did you get crafty when you asked your bridesladies?  Are you big on providing an overwhelming ton of information like me?  Do you love handwriting personalized notes?


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