Three Years and Counting: Secret Shopping

After absolutely no prodding on my part, Monsieur P decided completely on his own (wink, wink) to go ring shopping.  Okay, I may have suggested it, A LOT, but I didn’t know when he planned to do it.  Completely unbeknownst to me (for real), he set off to shop one weekend in March when I took an impromptu trip across the state with MOH PT.

Now, I had circled rings in a jeweler’s catalog and showed them to Monsieur P months before.  I had a lot of characteristics that I liked in a ring, but I kept coming back to the halo-style rings because they looked really blingy and you could get away with a smaller center stone (see, I’m not a total brat, I was trying to be reasonable).  I especially liked the rings at this Littman Jewelers in the mall, because they were reasonably-priced and tended to look bigger than they actually were because they used smaller stones in clusters rather than a large center stone.  And I was all about the bling!

This one suited my criteria / Source

So, while I was off gallivanting with MOH PT, Monsieur P was learning the 4 C’s and preparing to drop one of the biggest chunks of change ever for a little bling bling for my ring fing.  (Sorry, I obnoxiously said that a lot before we got engaged, so I had to bust it out when it was fitting.)

MOH PT and I in Philly for the Erin Express bar crawl
MOH PT and I in Philly for the Erin Express bar crawl (personal photo)

So Monsieur P went shopping, and I was completely clueless.  Somehow MOH PT was completely mute about it all too.  She knew I wanted the proposal to be a surprise.  She also knew all of my ring preferences, and at that point in time, she worked at the same company as Monsieur P.

After we got back into Pittsburgh, Monsieur P asked MOH PT to visit the jeweler with him after work that day to confirm his choice.  He knew he wanted to get the opinion of my best friend to make sure it was something that I would be happy with.

Monsieur P had worked with the jeweler already to determine the center stone, but wanted MOH PT’s opinion on which setting to choose.  He had one in mind, but MOH PT shot it down.  Now, when I heard that (after the fact, obviously), I was a little miffed, honestly.  I was nervous that it went beyond helping and into meddling territory to have my BFF veto a ring that my boyfriend had picked.  However, it turns out, MOH PT knew best.  We had spent hours talking about every facet (pun intended) of the rings, after all.  I saw the first choice later, and was so glad she vetoed it.  The one they decided on was so much better.

THE RING is a Tacori-inspired sparkler that touches on all of my tastes.  It’s not so mainstream (aside from being Tacori-inspired, that is!), it’s a little vintage, a little classic.  It’s just very me.  But I didn’t know it yet!

Did your significant other pick the ring?  Was your BFF consulted for ring shopping?  Did you get the kind of ring that you wanted?


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