Phinding a Photographer

Sorry, I had to do it.  Cheesy alliteration achieved.

Possibly before we even got engaged, I knew who I wanted our wedding photographer to be.  You see, Monsieur P and I attended friend V’s wedding back in 2011, and their photographer was V’s friend from high school.  She and her second shooter were so great throughout the wedding, making sure to take photos of each couple as they milled around the property for cocktail hour and throughout the reception, as well as all the “standard” shots.  But what really won me over was when I saw the photos that V posted a week or so after the wedding.  Now, V’s wedding was pretty, but these photos were so fabulous, everything was OMG, magazine-worthy.

And after the rain stopped, the sun and clouds were amazing / Tressa McCune Photography

She made this gravel path look magical / Tressa McCune Photography
And she can make a photo op out of something as simple as a bale of hay / Tressa McCune Photography
Their venue was similar to ours, and this is so gorgeous / Photo via Friend V, credit to Tressa McCune Photography

So it was no surprise that Tressa McCune Photography was my first choice for our wedding photographer.  I emailed her to get a price quote and was blown away by her prices.  Under $1,000 for a full day of photography, two shooters, edited images, and a disc of all the photos taken with full printing rights.  MIND. BLOWN.  It was perfect!

But it couldn’t be perfect, oh no.  You see, I have always wanted to get married in October.  The mister was indifferent, so it was decided that we would get married in October in order to have the pretty fall wedding I had daydreamed of (in the few times I ever tried to picture my wedding).

City and far-away brides, this is about to get weird for you, so I apologize in advance.  You see, Tressa is not only a part-time photographer, but like a lot of guys and gals in Western Pennsylvania, her hobbies include hunting and fishing.  One of her rules is that she doesn’t photograph weddings after the start of archery season, which is late September.  Therefore, if we had an October wedding, we couldn’t have Tressa.

And so, it was back to the drawing board.

Now, there are definitely other photography options in our area.

So freakin’ glamorous, I can’t handle it. Kristy & Jimmy do great work in the Burgh! / Limelight Images

MOH PT used Limelight Images, who were fabulous to work with on the day of, and presented fabulous photos.  Kristy & Jimmy are great at finding cool and dramatic backdrops.

MOH PT and her hubby in their 50 Shades of Grey pose / Limelight Images

Another Pittsburgh photographer, LeeAnn Marie takes absolutely stunning photos as well.  I love to drool over them on my facebook feed.

pittsburgh wedding photo bridges
Stunning. Love Pittsburgh bridge photos! / LeeAnn Marie Collective
pittsburghs best wedding photographers
This venue needs to use this on their website! So gorgeous. / LeeAnn Marie Collective

But ultimately, I couldn’t see spending $1,000 or more on wedding photos.  Even though photos are important to me, as in, I want to have them, and I want them to be nice (not just guest photos taken with point-and-shoots or cell phones), we’re not so big on pictures that we wanted to prioritize them in our budget.

So we discussed our options, and decided to take a risk!  We moved our wedding date up from October to September, and crossed our fingers that Tressa would make an exception and book our September wedding for us.  It was still over a year away at that point, and the hunting schedule wasn’t out yet, but Tressa agreed to go for it anyway.  And it worked out – our wedding falls before the start of archery season, and we got our choice photographer for the big day!  WHEW.

Did you have to deal with any strange circumstances when booking your wedding?  Are you looking for a photographer on a budget?  Is anyone else crazy and moved their wedding to accommodate a choice vendor?  Please tell me I’m not the only one…


One thought on “Phinding a Photographer

  1. Hehe I totes know what you mean when it comes to “hunting season”. My FI had to realize that we will NEVER have Thanksgiving with my parents at our home in MN because WI hunting season falls right in the middle of Thanksgiving EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR. It’s kind of creepy how similar we are! Ha!

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