Dressed to Impress: the First Time Around

So, when we last left off, I had my dream dress, and I made an appointment at Alfred Angelo to try on a whole lotta dresses to figure out which silhouettes look best on me.  I remember reading Weddingbee and being so jealous of Mrs. Archer‘s pageant past, because I have very little experience in nice dresses and getting all jazzed up.

I had a few dress styles picked out (lace, of course), and showed up to the appointment with dress list in hand.  Then the consultant, Becca, let me have free reign to browse the racks and we pulled a few more dresses, including some non-lace options.  My wish list:

  • Lace, but nice lace, not tablecloth lace (I know, so subjective)
  • Not strapless
  • Easy to move in (I need to be able to walk and sit!)
  • Not too heavy because I get overheated easily and am prone to fainting
  • The fewer alterations, the better

Now, since this was my first time trying on wedding dresses, I ended up having an entourage.  I invited everyone with a shrug, “I mean, I’m going to try on dresses, you’re welcome to come, but don’t feel pressured, I’m definitely not going to buy anything from there.”  But of course everyone wanted to be there, so I ended up with my mom, MOH PT, MOH Big Sis, BM Lil Sis, and friend G.


Shopping with a group of ladies… a little like this. /via weheartit

So we pulled some dresses, went in the fitting room, I took a deep breath and got undressed in front of a stranger, and away we went!

Apologies in advance for awkward face photos by MOH PT.

I didn't want a strapless dress, but I really loved the scalloped top of this sweetheart neckline
I didn’t want a strapless dress, but I really loved the scalloped top of this sweetheart neckline

This one is Alfred Angelo style 801.  I liked the way it fit me, I thought it was flattering and overall was pretty nice.  But I really didn’t want strapless, and though I think I could’ve been happy with it, I wasn’t really blown away.  Then, because I wanted straps, Becca added a sparkly lace strap, which actually was pretty amazing.  I was nearly sold, but I wasn’t buying anything that day.

Awkward pose to keep my shoulders up and prevent the straps from falling!
Awkward pose to keep my shoulders up and prevent the straps from falling!

Then we tried on some dresses that fit my idea of a “romantic garden wedding” even though at the time of this shopping trip, we didn’t have a venue or date booked, just some ideas.

Default title upload by motoblur_7676388618_mDefault title upload by motoblur_7676388626_m

This one is AA style 8507.  I liked the way it made me look bootylicious and I liked the fact that it was similar to my dream dress.  However, it had spaghetti straps, which I don’t like, and I wasn’t crazy about the look on top from the front or the drop waist.  It was part of the modern vintage line, so it definitely fit the idea I was going for, but overall, it just wasn’t what I wanted.

Default title upload by motoblur_7676388718_m      Default title upload by motoblur_7676388666_m

This one is the most like my dream dress.  This is AA style 854.  It’s very clearly the AA version of Maggie Sottero’s Bernadette, but it didn’t overwhelm me.  Friend G said that the back looked like a sports bra and was unattractive, and I had to agree.  It just was lacking the romantic look of the lace that I was looking for, even though it had all the same traits on the surface.

Default title upload by motoblur_7676388592_m

It even had the gorgeous lace detail on the train that I was looking for, but it still couldn’t sell me.

Then, just to make sure I tried an array of dress silhouettes before deciding on anything, I tried on a “typical” satin wedding dress (MOH Big Sis had a big satin ballgown, and most of the girls from my hometown had the same.  It’s a thing.) and a full lace dress, just to be sure.

Default title upload by motoblur_7676388768_m         Default title upload by motoblur_7676388770_m

This is AA style 829 and I was surprised that I didn’t hate it.  I never thought I’d wear a satin wedding dress, but it had me debating it.  I liked the pickups and the bling, but overall, it was too heavy and just didn’t fit what I wanted.

Default title upload by motoblur_7676388652_m       Default title upload by motoblur_7676388578_m

I’m glad I tried on a big full tulle dress, even though I didn’t think I’d want one.   This is AA style 867. It was nice and light and fluffy, and looked nice.  It lacked the bling, and after trying a couple fuller dresses, it was obvious to me that I wanted a slim-fitting dress.

One thing that I really liked about Alfred Angelo, which I didn’t know was unusual until later, they have a ton of samples in my size.  It was amazing to try on the dresses and see the way they’d actually fit, instead of having to see how a dress 4 sizes too big looks, when nothing lines up correctly.

I had a great time trying on dresses with my entourage (or should I say, BLONDE-tourage, since we’re all blonde).  I’m glad I tried on some different silhouettes, but it just solidified my plan to stick to the lace dresses that I lusted after.

Next up, I try a boutique for a trunk show!


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