Dressed to Impress: Back to the Drawing Board

After our impromptu dress shopping day numero deux, I decided to look for more options that suited my initial inspiration of lace, non-strapless, slim-fitting dresses.  One thing that Connie at CK Bridal said was that Allure gowns may be a good option for the type of dress I liked.  She didn’t have much to offer at her shop, but that stuck with me.

So I looked up Allure gowns, and found myself drooling over the gorgeous options!  I was particularly drawn to the “Romance” dresses, and they seemed like they were just what I was looking for!


Allure style 2653 is pretty and different.  I like the high neckline but I don’t think I want to be that covered, even if it’s gorgeous.


Allure style 2619 is pretty similar to my dream dress.  Slim-fitting, nice lace, not strapless, a little bit of bling, keyhole back even?!  I like it.


Allure style 2558 is pretty similar, but with a fuller skirt and a closed back.

Back view via


This one is gorgeous on top, but lacks the lace around the hem that I really liked.

All this to say, now that we went back to the drawing board, I was feeling like I found my match.  The Allure lace gowns were gorgeous, and it seemed like they were much easier to find in-store than the Maggie Sottero gown for which I had fallen so hard months before.

So when I received an email regarding an Allure trunk show at a bridal shop a couple of weeks away, I emailed MOH PT and asked if she’d like to go with me.  I wasn’t holding my breath, and we were still a long while away from the wedding, so I just thought I’d browse and didn’t expect to buy a dress that far in advance of the wedding.  She agreed, so I made an appointment at MB Bride, and that was that!

Now, I haven’t addressed this yet, but during my pre-wedding planning research (aka reading a lot of wedding books after we got engaged), I read a lot about pre-owned wedding dresses.  Like Miss Llama, I had a champagne taste on a beer budget, and the thought of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for a wedding dress pained me to no end.  So, during my research, I decided that I would find a dress online that was pre-owned, or buy a sample in order to get something I liked at a fair price.

So all of these trips to try on dresses were really just for me to find a dress that I liked so that I could scour our beloved interwebs and find a great deal on the dress.  I’m a bargain hunter, amateur coupon-er, and all-around cheapskate… when I want to be.  So I was sure (I’m not cocky; I’m confident!) that I would find a great deal on a wedding dress.  I really wish I had known about VOWS from I Found the Gown back when I was shopping.  There’s a very real chance that I would’ve taken a road trip to find a designer gown at a huge discount!  Alas, I did not, and was confined to browsing locally, and shopping online.

You may ask, why am I telling you this?  You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!  The third shopping trip is coming up next…

Did you do a lot of dress shopping before finding the one?  Were you concerned with finding a good deal?  Who’s your favorite dress designer?


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