Dressed to Impress: the Third Time’s a Charm!

For the third time around, MOH PT and I headed to MB Bride in Greensburg.  I had never been there, but had seen it advertised at some of the bridal shows.  When we arrived, I was blown away by the sheer size of it.  It was bigger than David’s Bridal, and the selection was staggering.  Best of all, it carried all the designers in which I had an interest, and then some!

We met with our consultant, Katie, and she asked for my specifications, and what I had in mind.  I think I said something like the following gibberish:

I’m looking for a lace gown, not too full, probably not strapless, but maybe we could add straps, I want beading but not too blingy, nice lace, not tablecloth lace, maybe a keyhole back, or cap sleeves, a train but not too long, chapel length maybe, with scalloped lace around the bottom, and we came for the Allure trunk show.

Poor Katie.  Except that she was awesome, and she took my absurd and somewhat contradictory descriptions in stride.  Fun fact – Katie had just gotten engaged herself the night before, and so was extra over-the-moon to talk wedding stuff!

We strolled through the various rooms (yes, this place has multiple rooms of gowns, so awesome), I pointed out some dresses that I liked, and Katie pulled some others that she thought I would like.  We headed to a fitting room with a pile of dresses bigger than Katie, and we were off!

All photos personal unless otherwise noted.


As far as my checklist went, this one pretty much hit all the marks.  As far as me loving it, not so much.  I think this one is Allure C207, but I’m not 100% sure.


A very similar style, I think Allure style C202, but without the cap sleeves.  Again, nice, but no cigar.

Default title upload by motoblur_7760784048_m

Allure style 8770 did not win me over either.

And then… something magical happened.  Katie put a dress on me, and I walked through the curtain and looked in the mirror.  I looked at myself, I looked at MOH PT, and then back at myself.  For once, I had nothing bad to say.  I said “hey, this one looks pretty good, it’s pretty much just like my dream dress.”  But not one to stop trying on dresses, I said “but let’s try on the last one anyway.”

Default title upload by motoblur_7760783930_m

So back into the dressing room we went.  As Katie was hanging up the dress, I asked her for the style number (because MOH PT had been recording them all, even though I have no idea where they ended up since, sorry again!).  She said “oh, this one is ##### (random store ID number), which is Maggie Sottero Bernadette.”

MOH PT and I just sort of looked at each other wide-eyed and then laughed.  Well, of course I had nothing negative to say about this dress – it was only the one I had been looking for for months now!  But lost in the chaos that is dress shopping, I didn’t even recognize her.


Oh hey girl, nice to finally meet you in person.  I’ve been stalking you online for quite some time now, I feel like I already know you.  Would you want to go out sometime?  Maybe an outdoor garden wedding in September?

So I tried on the last dress, because I’m stubborn and I’m not a quitter, and was less than enthused.  I couldn’t get over it though – I tried on my dream dress and I didn’t even know it was my dream dress, just that I liked it!  After obsessing over the dress for months, you’d think I’d recognize it, but I didn’t.  I totally believe now that a bride could order a dress, go back to the shop months later for alterations, and be adamant that the dress she was putting on was not the dress she purchased.  It’s so easy to get overwhelmed!

Default title upload by motoblur_7760784066_m

I think this one is a different designer and I can’t find it anywhere, sorry! But it was not a winner.

At any rate, I told Katie I wanted to put Bernadette back on, now that I knew it was my dream dress and could give it the proper fanfare necessary!  So we put it back on, and my heart was pounding through my chest.  I was so amped up, it was like I just scored the game-winning touchdown! You know, if I ever actually played football outside of gym class.  But whatever.  It was like my entire body was electrified and I was practically shaking with excitement getting ready to walk out and look in the mirror.

Default title upload by motoblur_7760784038_m

And I did, and I turned and admired myself and the sparkle in the mirror.  And I looked at the keyhole back that I loved so much, and the gorgeous train with the scalloped lace edge, and I was just freaking SOLD.  But, as I mentioned last time, I didn’t plan to buy from a bridal shop, I wanted to buy online.  I wanted a deal!

Default title upload by motoblur_7760783992_m

So we walked out to another part of the shop where there were bigger mirrors and a chandelier, and Katie got me a flower clip for my hair that matched the lace of the dress.  My hair didn’t want to cooperate, but I loved the clip all the same.

Default title upload by motoblur_7760784134_m

How gorgeous is the lace on that clip?! AH, I love it.  The clip was, wait for it… $125.00.  YUP.  Definitely not buying a hair clip when I can make that on my own!

Then, just for funsies, we tried on a birdcage veil.  I was debating whether or not I wanted a veil at all, and with such a gorgeous back, I didn’t want a veil to be covering my dress.  Alas, I do not have the edginess required to pull off a birdcage veil.

Default title upload by motoblur_7760783908_m
Trying to figure out how anyone wears one of these things without it stabbing them in the eye and feeling mega awkward, because that was all I could feel at that moment.

As Katie and MOH PT looked on, I continued to admire the dress and kept turning side to side in the mirror, loving the way the light hit the beading.  It’s the perfect amount of bling!  I mentioned that, though I liked the look of the white in the bridal shop, I always thought I wanted an ivory dress.  In fact, the Bernadette that I had fallen in love with was the ivory and gold option.  Upon MOH PT’s insistence, however, I opted for the white, because I love the sparkle of the white.  Not that the ivory wouldn’t be as sparkly, but it could impact the glitz factor.

Oh, but wait, what’s that?  Why am I talking about colors?  I’m not buying a dress today!  I’m going to buy a used one online and get a great deal on my wedding dress!

Nooooooooooooooooope.  Just kidding.

Oops. via Gleewiki

Once I had that glamorous dress on, talking colors and beading and options, I knew I wasn’t going to buy that dress used.  If I was settling for a different dress that wasn’t my dream dress, absolutely.  But I wanted the best, I wanted it new, I wanted it made just for me, and that was all she wrote.

I talked with one of the alterations experts about shortening the hem (I have a long-ish torso with stubby legs), and she and Katie informed me that I could actually order a 3-inch-shorter hemline when I placed my order for the dress, rather than having the alterations.  For me and my short legs, that’s a great option!

So then we talked measurements.  I have a narrow waist, but have much bigger hips than I have bust.  This meant a wackadoo sizing apparatus.  You see, my bust measurement fits my “normal” (aka non-bridal) dress size.  Okay, fine.  My waist fits one size above my normal dress size.  Fine.  BUTT (pun intended), my hips required THREE sizes bigger than my normal dress size.  Yes, THREE.  I contemplated ordering two sizes bigger in order to cut down on the alterations necessary (I’m so paranoid about the lace and beading being messed up during alterations, I have had multiple nightmares about it), but ultimately went with their recommendation so I don’t end up unable to sit in my wedding dress. 😉

And so, there you have it, kids.  After trying on so.many.dresses.  I  bought my dream dress, the first dress I ever loved, Maggie Sottero Bernadette.  And I can’t wait to wear it on our wedding day!

And just because I love you guys, here’s a sneak peek of my ACTUAL dress, in my weird sizes, with the shortened hem, unaltered. I’m still in love!

Did you try on a lot of dresses, only to end up with your original dress crush?  Do you know how to wear a birdcage veil without losing an eyeball?  Did you change your mind and buy a dress when you thought you were just browsing?


2 thoughts on “Dressed to Impress: the Third Time’s a Charm!

  1. Stunning! I love that you posted a pic for us =)
    I definitely tried on a million dresses for my own search. I’d found this one dress on some eBay page a long while ago that I was crazy about, but it was pink. It became the dress I compared all other dresses to in my mind and nothing ever lived up to it. Finally I reached out to the seller on eBay about if they could make it in white or ivory, and they said yes! I ordered immediately so that, whether I did or didn’t love it, I could stop comparing everything to it.
    And I do love it – it needs some alterations because the neckline is a little high and matronly for my taste, but otherwise great. So excited!
    Here’s my story about dress shopping:

  2. Thanks! I figure everyone loves a good dress story! also, my mister won’t be looking on my blog so no chance of spoilers there! 🙂 I’d love to see your dress, based on your inspiration, it sounds gorgeous!

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