Sister Act: Keeping it all in the Family

Growing up with sisters had a lot of advantages, like sharing clothes, toys, and always having a playmate around.  It also had some rough times, but don’t all family structures see that?  Anyway, along with having built-in playmates, having sisters means you have a built-in bridal party.


Personal photo, BM Lil Sis on the left, MOH Big Sis and my nephew in the middle, and yours truly on the right.

When I was 14, I was in MOH Big Sis’s wedding as a bridesmaid.  It was my first taste of wedding anything, and I really didn’t have to do much.  MOH Big Sis knew that BM Lil Sis (who was 12) and I didn’t know wedding stuff and didn’t have a lot of money, so the only things we had to do were buy our dresses and shoes for the wedding.  She gifted us our jewelry and accessories (we wore elbow-length gloves and carried mini purses), and I think we had our hair done, paid by mom.  Oh, the new millennium.  Anyway, our duties were very limited, and she relied on her MOH and other bridesmaid to do the real bridesmaid work.

So of course I always knew that my sisters would be a part of my bridal party!  Except this time, we’re all old enough to partake, so MOH Big Sis got the raw end of that bargain, having to have us along in her wedding but not help with planning, and now she’s stuck helping me as my Matron of Honor!  So, add in the fact that I’m gaining a new sister through Monsieur P, and I have 3 sisters in my bridal party.


Apologies for the dark pic, but since my future sister-in-law lives across the country from us, we don’t get to see each other that often so pics are hard to come by!  That’s me on the left, and BM FSIL on the right.  Do you see the resemblance between her and Monsieur P?

Anyway, when Monsieur P and I first started dating, I didn’t know how I’d feel about his sister, and we didn’t meet for a long time, almost two years?!?!  because that means cross-country travel in order for us to meet.  So when we actually were going to meet for the first time, I was stressing out a little bit.  It was really important that we get along and I was so nervous that we wouldn’t.  And then as soon as we got together, I realized I shouldn’t have worried at all.  She’s definitely become my third sister, so there was no doubt in my mind that she should be a part of our wedding as well!

When I was younger, I thought I might have one of those big bridal parties, with all my sisters, plus a couple friends from high school, a couple college friends, a couple post-college friends… and then I realized that that kind of bridal party would be insane!  Even though I love the idea of having my closest friends surrounding me that day, I’m more of a small-group person, and I know it will help keep me sane to have some downtime with just a few people, and obviously my closest friends will still be there at the wedding!

So to round out my sister group, I asked Mrs. Palm Tree to be my Matron of Honor as well.  That’s right, I’m having two Matrons of Honor.  When we first got engaged, I was thinking “okay, I can have MOH Big Sis be my Matron of Honor and then Mrs. Palm Tree can be my Maid of Honor, and it’ll be perfect.”  and then I realized, DUH, the Palm Trees were getting married before us. D’oh!  But oh well, I want what I want, and I wanted to give them both the title.

MOH Big Sis and I grew up fighting.  I snuck into her room (when we didn’t share a room), stole borrowed her stuff, read her diary, creeped on her and her boyfriend watching movies when I was supposed to be in bed, and otherwise was just an annoying little sister.  She bossed me around and acted like she was my mom (which we still tease her about), and we fought A LOT.  When I went to college, I moved to Pittsburgh, which is where she lived with her husband, and she ended up getting me a job as a student in the office where she worked.  When I wasn’t an annoying little kid anymore, we didn’t fight nearly as much, and we related much better to each other’s lives.  We’ve gotten really close over the years, and now she’s one of my best friends and really has helped to make me the person I am.  It wouldn’t be my wedding if she wasn’t given the place of honor next to me.

All that said, MOH Big Sis has a life far removed from wedding planning.  My brother-in-law is awesome, but he doesn’t deserve to be stuck with the kids all the time while I pull my sister away for wedding stuff.  So I thought it worked out best if MOH PT, who obviously is still close to the wedding planning process, got to share the wedding stuff with me too!  And that’s how I ended up with two Matrons of Honor, and two bridesmaids/sisters.  I’d give them all an “honor” title if I could, but I think by just having four ladies there, everyone will already understand how important they are to me just to have been chosen.

Is your bridal party mostly family?  Are you having more than one MOH?  Will you be gaining a new sibling through the wedding?


2 thoughts on “Sister Act: Keeping it all in the Family

  1. I’m absolutely gaining a new sis as well =) I’m the oldest of three girls in my family, and my fiance has an older sister. Other than the cousin-Best-Man, these will be the only family in the wedding party and the rest will be friends.

  2. You totally glossed over how annoying you were as a pre-teen. 🙂 Love you! I’m supremely honored to be such a big part of your big day!

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