Sorry for being MIA for a bit there, hive.  I was busy gallivanting across Europe with some girlfriends, and though I intended to pre-schedule some posts for while I was gone, time has a way of eluding me.

But today is a special day.  You see, two years ago today, Monsieur P shocked me to high heaven by popping the question with a kitty collar and our 15-lb monster cat, Griffey.  You know what that means, don’t you?  It’s our engage-iversary!

Truth be told, last year I took the engage-iversary a bit more seriously.  This year, we won’t be celebrating in any special way or anything because it doesn’t really mean a whole lot.  After all, in less than 6 months now, we’ll be doing the most important thing of our lives and finally making it official in front of our family and friends (and you all)!  So what better way to celebrate in 2014 than that? Anything else pales by comparison.  So I’ll be working during the day, and working at night, and we’ll barely see each other, but who really cares.  This is finally the last anniversary, the last ANYTHING to celebrate (other than my birthday!) before the wedding.  That’s pretty exciting in and of itself!

But there was a time that we celebrated our engagement.  Because, you see, we went on an engageymoon!  Before we got engaged, Monsieur P bought me a trip to Jamaica for my Christmas present.  He worked with Mrs. Palm Tree to plan a trip for the Palm Trees and the Parisians to go to Jamaica!  I was all but convinced that he would propose in Jamaica, but in fact, he surprised me 2 months before the trip!  So then we celebrated our 2 month engage-iversary in Jamaica, while the Palm Trees celebrated their -1 year anniversary (getting confused yet?).

Tl;dr, we celebrated a lot of things in Jamaica with the Palm Trees 2 years ago.  And we poured one out for our homies.


Monsieur P, yours truly, Mrs. Palm Tree, Mr. Palm Tree, exactly 1 year before their wedding!

Strangely enough, I’m feeling a little more relieved as time flies by and the wedding creeps up.  I’ve enjoyed a lot of aspects of our long engagement, and I’ve enjoyed having these random little “holidays” to say “heyyy, it’s our engage-iversary!” “2 years, 1 year, 6 months to the wedding!” or whatever.  But I’m relieved that these are the last times; we’re under 6 months now, and we’re finally in the home stretch.  The wedding will be here before we know it!

I’ll leave you with a little 80s love to get pumped up.  If this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will!

Did you celebrate your engage-aversary?  Were you relieved as time ticked down towards the wedding?  If you had a long engagement, did you feel more relief than stress?


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