Pre-Proposal: Talking to Dad

I came across this article (thanks, bridal shows, for plastering Brides magazine everywhere), and it made me think back to the pre-proposal stage.  The article is fluff about Ashton Kutcher asking Mila’s dad for her hand before popping the question, blah blah blah.  But then I thought I’d share the funny (to me) story about Monsieur P talking to my parents before he proposed.

Probably years before we actually got engaged, Monsieur P and I talked about getting married and such.  I told him that my brother-in-law talked to my dad before he proposed to MOH Big Sis, and how I thought that was really sweet.  It was sort of an offhand comment, but he must have taken note, or maybe it was just one of those traditional things that Monsieur P would surprise me with.  Either way, fast forward to March 10, 2012, the day I was frolicking around Philly with MOH PT.  Monsieur P was browsing rings, and decided to make this thing official.

Apparently he decided to up the ante, because he actually called both of my parents (separately).  Now, something you should know about my dad… I get a lot of my personality from him.  That’s why I’m a bit of a tomboy (way less now that I’ve discovered my girly side), a loud-mouthed prankster, and all-around goofball.  Well, my mom’s a goofball too, so I get that from both sides, but I digress.

So, Monsieur P gathered up the courage to call my dad.  According to Monsieur P, the conversation went a little like this:

“Hi, Parisian dad.  You know I love Miss Parisian, and I wanted to get your permission to marry your daughter.”

To which my dad replied, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?  What the heck would you want to do something like that for?!?!” … and Monsieur P froze.  Because my dad is such a stinker that he didn’t let on that he was joking, and though Monsieur P assumed he was, the poor guy’s nerves were already fried, so he was freaking out!  Talk about an awkward convo.

Seems about right. via


So then he calls up my mom.  “Hi, Parisian mom.  Wait, are you driving right now?  You better pull over.” … so of course my mom was freaking out, thinking something terrible had happened!  Monsieur P told her that he talked to my dad, blah blah blah, “I want to get your permission to marry Miss Parisian.”

And now, the other side of me – in addition to being a prankster, I’m also a total sap.  I get that from my mom.  So of course as soon as Monsieur P mentions anything emotional, my mom’s blubbering like crazy (thank goodness he had the good sense to anticipate this and told her to pull over first!).

Of course both parents gave him their blessing because they already love him and accept him as part of our family.  And boom, there you have it.

What about you, hive?  Did your SO talk to your parents/VIPs in your life before popping the question?  Are you a total blubberbutt like me and Parisian mom?


2 thoughts on “Pre-Proposal: Talking to Dad

  1. So great! I might totally do a similar post, this is really cute. I’ll credit you as inspiration =) I really love that he asked your mom to pull over – wise decision haha

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