Fun with Our Guests: The Day After

I know I’m skipping waaaay ahead here, since I haven’t even told you about most of our wedding plans yet, but I’m just excited to share!  As you’ve probably guessed from our kitty’s name (Griffey), Monsieur P is a huge fan of baseball.  In fact, he spent this past Saturday with his Best Man (on the phone, since BM J is in California) drafting their fantasy baseball team, and the weekend before that, he was in Arizona for some spring training games with some friends.

I’ve never been a big fan of baseball.  I grew up near Pittsburgh, and it’s been a loooong time since baseball has really been relevant in this area.  We always went to a game or two, but it was mostly because PNC Park is the best baseball stadium. 😉

When Monsieur P and I started dating, there was a lot of groaning from my end when baseball season came around.  I loved football, and Monsieur P became a bigger football fan after we got together.  Over the years, I’ve grown to enjoy going to baseball games, and learned the strategy of using baseball to get Monsieur P to go on trips with me that wouldn’t otherwise happen.  For example, I convinced him to go with me to Baltimore, Maryland, for my friend’s baby shower, by promising that we could combine it with a trip to Camden Yards.  Then this past year, I convinced him to travel with me to Chicago (okay, actually, he loves Chicago, so this didn’t take any convincing), and we took a trip to Wrigley Field!

Friend C, Monsieur P and I at Wrigley!
Friend C, Monsieur P and I at Wrigley!  We melted that day, so hot, but so fun.

And as you can imagine, he’s now converted me to a baseball fan as well!  It took a long time… truth be told, even last year I was a little iffy about it, though I enjoy going to games, watching them on TV is Snoozeville.  As I’m learning more (I grew up playing softball, so I knew basic rules, but didn’t understand the strategy of baseball AT.ALL.), I’m starting to appreciate the game more, and this year I was SO EXCITED for the season to start.

I’m not the only one in Pittsburgh especially excited for this year, though, because last year something huge happened.  For the first time in 20+ years, the Buccos made the playoffs!  And we were there!

Monsieur P and I taking in the first postseason game in PNC Park history! The atmosphere was unreal.

So this year, I was excited for the first time in my life for baseball season (seriously, I was counting down to Opening Day, and Monsieur P kept thinking I was just messing with him because I’ve never been excited for baseball before).  We’ve made a pact to never miss another Opening Day game after this year; we couldn’t go because time-off is too precious when there’s a wedding involved!  But never again.  I think I might buy him/us season tickets as a wedding gift, but I digress.  What does this have to do with our guests?

Well, years ago, we discussed the potential to invite our guests to join us at a Pittsburgh Steelers game the day after the wedding, if the schedule worked out that way.  We still don’t know if there will be a football game that day, but we DO know that there will be a Pirates game that day in Pittsburgh.  Steelers tickets are pretty pricey, so even though I love football and the idea of being at a Steelers game celebrating our wedding (the day after) is so awesome, it’s almost better if we skip the Steelers and opt for the Pirates instead.  So we’re inviting all of our guests to join us (Pirates tickets are pretty reasonable as far as pricing, and we’ll probably get a group of tickets in the nosebleeds anyway) to take in the best view and a ballgame the day after our wedding!

Seriously, that view though. PNC Park and the Pittsburgh skyline – a match made in heaven. via

We’re including a few of our favorite things in our suggestions for things to do in Pittsburgh so that our guests get to have a great experience while they’re here for the wedding.  Our wedding is important to us, obviously, but we want everyone to have an enjoyable time in the days surrounding the wedding as well.  We want to make sure that we get to spend as much time as possible with our out-of-town family and friends when they’ve traveled so far to be with us for the wedding, even if that means waiting a little longer to leave for our honeymoon.

Would you love to take in a ballgame after the wedding?  Are you and your SO big sports fanatics?  Do you bribe your SO with promises of baseball?


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