Fun with Our Guests: After the Ceremony

Because our guests having a good time is important to us, another thing that we’re doing is having guests tour Phipps Conservatory after the wedding ceremony.  While we take pictures in the Broderie Room, our guests can spend some time enjoying the other beautiful rooms in the conservatory.

Broderie Room wedding by Leeann Marie Photography.
The bottom of the palm forest with the fish! via Topbox design
The other angle of the palm forest / via Topbox design

The East wing with a fountain that guests can control! Nephew L loves it / via Landscape voice
The East wing again, for a wedding! / photo by Joe Appel Photography

We love the idea of guests having something to do between the ceremony and the reception that will be a unique experience for them, as well as keep them occupied while we take pictures.  We don’t want to miss our cocktail hour, so this is a great alternative for guests to enjoy.  We’re also having an early ceremony, so taking an hour to tour the facility will help with the “Catholic gap” (even though we’re not Catholic) problem.

Would you like to tour some gardens between the ceremony and reception?  Do you have fun surprise plans for your guests on the wedding day?  Aren’t these rooms just to die for?


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