The Epic E-Pics: the Debate

Sorry for the delay, and even though I gave you a sneak peek in our save the dates, I thought it was a good time to talk about our engagement pictures!  I’ve always loved looking at engagement pictures, and there was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to take them once we got engaged.  Monsieur P, however, needed a little convincing.  He didn’t understand the point of having engagement pictures, because we’re not really big photo people.  On the flip side, that was exactly why we needed them!  You see, we aren’t very good at taking pictures together… we rarely remember to even take snapshots, and we had absolutely ZERO professional photos that we have taken together, unless you count our photographer’s second shooter taking a picture of us at friend V’s wedding… which I didn’t really count!  I thought after 3 years together, we really should have SOME nice photos of us, dressed up, by an actual photographer instead of a grainy cell phone picture.


One of very few “nice” pictures of us, from Monsieur P’s MBA graduation in 2011, with Parisian Mom.  Still just a snapshot; also does not exist on paper, oops.  We seriously suck at this stuff. (photo personal)

“But what the heck would we do with a bunch of pictures of us?” was Monsieur P’s second argument.


Whatever we want to do with them, sir.  I love seeing engagement photos on save the dates, so I’m totally biased, but I told him that it would be nice to have nice photos of us to have for our desks at work, or to give to our families, in addition to the potential for using them on our save the dates.  We’re not exactly the type of people to have giant portraits of ourselves hanging in our house, either, but a few small pictures of us wouldn’t be bad, to make it look like we actually live there, ya know? 😉  He still wasn’t quite convinced, because he thought it was a waste of  money.

Which brought me to the last part of my argument – it’s not a waste of money, but rather an investment to support the money we’re already spending on a photographer (I also pointed out that we were already getting a great rate on our photography package, so it really wasn’t costing us any more than if we had paid full price for photos).  Don’t follow my logic?  Engagement pictures are THE PERFECT TIME to get comfortable with our photographer and comfortable in front of the camera, so we will be less awkward on the wedding day.  What’s the point of paying for photography for the wedding if you look and feel awkward in all of your photos?

And I can tell you, I am soooooo glad we did.  There are definitely some awkward photos in the bunch, mostly because we make some weird faces, you guys.  Our engagement pictures were a great time to meet Tressa, get to know each other, and get used to each other.  I know that we’ll feel better on the day of, because we’ve gotten the awkwardness out of the way already!

After all that, Monsieur P is always about protecting his investments, so he was all for getting our engagement pictures if it meant making our wedding pictures turn out better (even if the idea of scheduling a “photo shoot” made him all “ugggggggh, seriously?” …typical man).  So we scheduled a nice fall day in October so the leaves would be changing (fall foliage is my favorite part of fall, followed by crisp air and long-sleeved t-shirts!) to meet with Tressa in Oakland to take some engagement pictures!

Did you take engagement photos?  What did you use your professional photos for?  Do you feel awkward in front of a camera?


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