The Epic E-Pics: the Favorites

As our engagement photo shoot day approached, I received an invitation to attend a bridal shower… on the same day as our engagement photos.  It bummed me out a little to have to be rushing around beforehand, but in the end it wasn’t really a big deal.  I was attending the shower with MOH PT, so I wore the sweater dress that I was intending to wear for the “nicer” outfit for our photos, and then stopped at MOH PT’s house after the shower to do some hair and makeup touch-ups before going to meet Monsieur P and Tressa.  I took MOH PT’s advice to darken up my eye makeup a little more than usual to make sure it showed up in photos.  And now, for your viewing pleasure, I give to you, our favorites.

All photos by Tressa McCune Photography.

Outfit 1:  “Nice” Casual – on Miss Parisian, sweater dress (sorry I don’t remember where from), scarf, tights, Madden boots; on Monsieur P, Express sweater and button-down, jeans, casual shoes.  We’re not formal people, and wearing a cocktail dress for photos would have been overkill for us.

DSC_0036One of my favorites of all, in the black and white, also nice in color.

DSC_0039I doubt we’ll use one where you can barely see Monsieur P, but just so you know what the color version looks like… 😉

Outfit 2:  Casual – on Miss P, top and blazer from TJ Maxx, jeans from the Gap, Coach ballet flats; on Monsieur P, shirt from Rvca, Express jeans, casual shoes.  This is basically what we wear on a normal basis, and thus, we ended up with the majority of our photos taken in these outfits.

DSC_0149 (2)This one was taken on the lawn of the Cathedral of Learning on Pitt’s campus, where I did my undergraduate studies.

DSC_0273 (2)

On the bridge between Pitt’s campus and Phipps Conservatory.


In front of our ceremony venue, Phipps. (EEEEEEE!)

Outfit 3:  Super casual – our jerseys!  This is pretty much what we look like on game days, so we wanted a few shots in our jerseys, even if we won’t be using them for anything really.


Out front of Phipps, with the Cathedral in the background.

The ring love pics!  Since amateur pics don’t really do my ring any justice, now you can see some nice pics of my ring finally!





And now, briefly, my oopsies and recommendations.  The two biggest oopsies regarding my wardrobe – I hadn’t worn that blazer before the photos, and I forgot to cut out that stupid thread X at the back.  I saw it in the pics and was so mad at myself.  The second oopsy was that I thought I grabbed one pair of jeans, but once I got there, I realized that I had actually grabbed the wrong ones.  I WANTED skinny jeans that would look nice with my flats, but I accidentally grabbed my “only wear with heels” jeans.  Which meant pulling up my pant legs and trying not to step on them while walking around, and also lots of bunching.  UGH.  So I was annoyed again at myself.

My recommendations:

  • Go over your wardrobe before the day-of.  Check for spots, loose threads/buttons, cut off all tags and threads on new pieces.  Lay everything out in advance and pack it in advance so you aren’t scrambling and grab the wrong jeans!
  • Don’t let your fiance/e wear sunglasses on the day-of, if wearing sunglasses means a ridiculous crease in his/her hair.  It makes me roll my eyes to see the crease in Monsieur P’s hair because he was wearing sunglasses, and I can’t use any photos that show the side of his head close-up (OCD much? I know…)!
  • Have ideas of where you want to take photos, but let your photographer have the ultimate say.  I wanted to get a few choice pictures, but the ones that turned out best were the ones that Tressa chose, not me.
  • Don’t be too upset about being awkward – practice makes perfect, and it will be better the next time around.  The best part of engagement pics is that you can look at your fiance/e if you feel awkward, and just goof off together.  It definitely makes it easier!

Next up, I’ll show you the outtakes just for fun!

Did you skip a “dressy” formal outfit for your photos?  Do you have any recommendations for a photo shoot?  Were you feeling awkward during your photo session?


2 thoughts on “The Epic E-Pics: the Favorites

  1. Ahh your photos look lovely – excellent tip Re: the eye make up! Your eyes looks fab. We haven’t booked an engagement shoot but the more I see other people’s photos… the more I’d like some. Might have to speak to Jim and see if he can be persuaded…!

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