The Epic E-Pics: the Outtakes

Now that I’ve shown you the good photos, told you what we screwed up, and gave you my recommendations for a great session, I’ll show you the photos that we WON’T be using.

All photos by Tressa McCune Photography.

Alternately, why I’m thrilled that we found out what works and what doesn’t work.

What works:  looking at each other, laughing to relax each other, and listening to Tressa’s advice for places to shoot.

What doesn’t work:  serious poses (we look ridiculous), taking ourselves too seriously (we’re just not models!), and wanting specific poses or specific locations.


I really wanted this picture on the balcony over the Panther fountain.  Tressa told me it was too dark, but agreed to take it anyway.  It was a waste of time and I should’ve just gave it up when Tressa said it would be dark.


I loved my shoes (still do; those are some of my favorite flats!), and I really wanted one of those fun shoe pics… except that my jeans screw-up ruined it, because all I see is bunched up jeans.  Ugh!

DSC_0153This one’s got a serious case of the awkwards.  We’re not “look thoughtfully away from the camera” kind of people.  In our normal lives, both of us rarely stop smiling, so it just doesn’t make sense for us to not smile for photos. People don’t know us to be serious!  Also, anything with Monsieur P’s arms wrapped around me is basically a recipe for disaster.  Check this puppy out:


Oh hi, don’t mind me, I’m Monsieur P and I’m just strangling Miss Parisian, no need for alarm.


This was one of Tressa’s recs – I’ve seen some amazing pictures like this, but it just looks mega awkward for us!

DSC_0202Pretty much any kissing pictures… FAIL.  Monsieur P and I are definitely not PDA people, aside from holding hands occasionally.  We look mega awkward during any posed kissing, and this pic looks like we are mauling each other by the fountain, so… just no.  No one needs to see that.


I really wanted some photos by this wall – it’s on Pitt’s campus, and for any baseball aficionados, it’s the outfield wall of the former Forbes Field.  The wall still stands, and the Forbes Field home plate still exists in the downstairs of one of the academic buildings on campus (Posvar Hall, for you curious Pittsburgh bees).  Because Monsieur P is such a huge baseball fan, I thought that was a cute not-so-obvious nod to his favorite sport.

This one is a double-whammy.  The issues here – awkward faces, as well as awkward Parisian.  Remember when I said we’re not big on PDA?  That includes me sitting on Monsieur P’s lap.  There is nothing comfortable about that.  We’re very side-by-side, we’re-equals kind of people, so me perching on his lap like a princess just makes no sense at all and looks even stranger!  I’m making a weird half-smile and Monsieur P looks like he is over the whole thing, which might have been true!

And I’ll leave you with this bad boy.  There’s no cure for the awkwards, folks.  You’ll still probably see a lot of this from our wedding day, because I can’t help it, my face is weird.


Did you learn a lot from your engagement photos/pre-wedding photo shoot?  Are you afflicted by the same awkward face disease?  Do you have any advice for photos?


One thought on “The Epic E-Pics: the Outtakes

  1. We’re the same about serious shots. We’re constantly smiling in real life so serious doesn’t look good on us. I’ve noticed this throughout the whole time we’ve been dating though, so by the time it got to engagement photos I let the photographer know that we don’t like them, they’re not us, and we wouldn’t buy or use those photos for anything. With that, we got photos we really really love!

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