Bonjour à Nouveau!

Hey there, hive! I’ve missed you. After a much needed hiatus from all things wedding, which included blogging, I’m back and shaking the rust off of my writing fingers! Okay, not entirely, because I use my fingers for contract writing all day at work, but I digress. It feels good to be back.

Many of you may not remember me, and that’s okay; I won’t hold it against you! You can catch up on my story here. I got engaged in March of 2012, was introduced to the hive as a blogger in January 2014, and in June 2014 I ended my engagement after 2+ years of planning. Needless to say, my time here was a little bit of a rollercoaster of emotions. Blogging for Weddingbee was a high point, but it ended all too abruptly.

But I’m here now to change all that. I’m back, and I bring good news! Well, for me anyway. You all have to hear my rantings and ravings for a little while longer, which you may or may not view as good news. 😉 That’s right… there’s a new Parisian wedding on the horizon!

GEEZE, I feel like I have so much to share with you! so much has happened since my last post here. Aside from the obvious positive things in my life over the past year, this little nugget came back into my life!

Bringing Josie home!
Bringing Josie home!

After 9ish months apart, Josie and I were reunited, for keeps! I’m happy to report she is snoring away next to me while I write this, silly little pup.

Another development over the past year is a new house, with a nice fenced-in backyard that Josie loves. She gets to terrorize the bunnies and groundhogs and white-tailed deer that hang out in our yard, and I’m pretty sure she loves every second of it. A tiny bit of a Napoleon complex, that one.

Anywho, arguably the most important news of the past year is l’homme nouveau, who I shall call A. While Mssr. A is not new to me, he’s new to you all, so let me tell you a little bit about him. A and I met through mutual friends a couple of years ago in the atrium of our graduate school. A was an overachiever pursuing his Masters in Civil Engineering and Masters in Business Administration, while I was a slacker and only pursuing one Masters degree. We had a few classes together, in which A admitted later that he had noticed me, though I somehow hadn’t noticed him. We met in a group of our mutual friends, hung out in said group of friends, and that was that. Fast forward a year, and a comfortable friendship became a serious relationship, and here we are. That’s our story, you know, in a nutshell. You’ll hear more deets later, I promise.

As you may remember from my previous planning posts, I’m pretty crazy about, well, a lot of things. I was very adamant about having a long engagement (at least a year, because planning takes so long!), about DIY-ing all.of.the.things, and about having an intricate wedding that is atypical.

Annnnnd, in true Parisian form, I’m here to tell you that I threw all of that out the window. A has made me realize that timelines are meaningless, because when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want it to start as soon as possible. I know, such a cliche! I still plan on DIY-ing some things, but we’re going for speed over speshul this time around!

SO, all that to say, we are engaged and planning a wedding with a quick turnaround. Stay tuned; I have so much to say!


Miss Parisian


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