About Me

I’m a goofy character who appreciates a good pun or cheesy joke, but I’m serious when I need to be.  I’m a research contract coordinator by day, and I moonlight as a promotional model.  I consider myself somewhat of a contradiction in a lot of ways, because I love being at home, cooking, baking, crafting, playing with my cats, reading or watching tv, but I also like to go out and party it up with my friends. I can be really quiet and reserved, with a very mellow personality, but I can also tell inappropriate jokes and I enjoy watching people squirm in awkward situations.  I like popular music, but I also like to switch it up with electronica, heavy metal, emo rock, classic rock, or whatever else I may be feeling that day.  I’m really a nice person, but I’m also super stubborn.

The title of this blog comes from the fact that I’m always apologizing for stating my opinion all the time.  So now I’m putting my foot down.  I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry!

I’m writing this blog to keep my sanity, because no matter how many emails I write or chats I have, sometimes I just need another outlet for my thoughts and plans.  It started off as mostly a wedding blog, but now I will be transitioning into more lifestyle, beauty, and product reviews.


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