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Hey, Show Me Your Box: Getting to Work

When we last left off, I had some plain cigar boxes sitting in my dining room, untouched, for a few months because I couldn’t seem to find the balance between my dream for our wedding colors and reality.  Well, fast forward to approximately a week before my future sister-in-law was due to visit us in Pittsburgh, and crap.  Time to get to work and get those bridesmaids boxes done so I could present them to my girls before we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses!

Since I procrastinated, I was forced to work with what I had in my craft supplies.  It worked pretty well since it gave me no room to second-guess what I was doing!  Here’s what I used that I already had in my craft box:

  • acrylic paints (bought for a previous project, used pink, orange, and black)
  • paint brushes
  • cardstock
  • blank square gate-fold cards that I found on sale at Marshall’s a year earlier
  • pink ribbon
  • punch tags, also found on sale at Marshall’s a year earlier
  • lace-cutout border punch, bought on sale at JoAnn’s and just waiting for an occasion!

First up, I decided I liked the bracket look of the inspiration, but I wanted to make the box something that my girls could reuse for jewelry or trinkets.  I decided to personalize the box with their name on the top.  Instead of staining the box, I decided to paint it with a blend of our wedding colors, pink and orange.  I found a bracket template, something like this one from Paper Source.  I sketched it onto the box with a pen so I could see it through the paint once I painted the box.

IMG_0942 IMG_0941 IMG_0943

All photos personal.

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Hey, Show Me Your Box: Asking My Ladies

There are many wedding-related ideas that make the rounds, and probably get pinned by every bride-to-be ever.  But since I’ve already told you how I can’t have Pinterest, I have to find my ideas the old-fashioned way.  Well, kind of, I still love me some Google!

So, if you’re on Pinterest, or any other wedding site, you’ve probably seen these lovelies.  This beauty was my inspiration.  I wanted to ask my bridesladies in a “cute” way, while providing them with plenty of information (to make an informed decision before saying yes, of course).  Enter, the bridesmaid boxes.

My inspiration – via Rinse. Repeat. Blog

Now, apparently there are tons of places you can buy these on Etsy, but I’m stubborn and deem myself crafty, so I say:  I can make those!

Throughout the course of our engagement, I’ve reunited with my old favorite crafting friends, JoAnn, Michael, and Pat.  So, I set off to see JoAnn, debit card, coupons, and lofty goals in hand.

Now, when I say lofty goals, I truly mean lofty.  I think at one point I was toying with the idea of buying the boxes, burning the ladies’ names on the lid with my old woodburner, and finishing the boxes with a nice stain.  At another point, I planning on lining the boxes with fabric in our wedding colors.

Go ahead, you can laugh at me now.  It’s okay, that’s what happens with DIY and lofty crafting goals!

Now let me tell you what happened when reality set in.

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Wedding Planning 101: Hitting the Books

Knowing that we had a lot of time, I set myself up with a lot of library books on wedding planning and went to work researching.  If you have time to spare, I would highly recommend this approach, because I got a lot of great ideas (and some reassurance on my existing ideas) from the books I read.

Some of my favorite reads:

The Everything Bridesmaid Book – via Amazon

Bridal Bargains – via Amazon

The Wedding Book – via Amazon

and a heartwarming book written by a mother-daughter duo, gifted by MOH PT:

How I Planned Your Wedding – via Amazon

I joked about gifting the bridesmaid book to all of my girls so that they would know how to act appropriately for the wedding, but they have all been involved with weddings before, so they know how things work.  I would highly recommend it to first-time bridesmaids, or even infrequent bridesmaids like myself, as a refresher.  It had some great insights, and I used it to adjust my expectations of bridesmaids for myself as a bride as well.

Did you spend a lot of time reading up on weddings?  Do you have a favorite planning book?  Are any of your girls first-time bridesmaids?

Wedding Planning 101: Where to Begin?

Wedding planning is different for everyone, so it makes sense that there isn’t one set way to start planning.  It seems like every wedding website has its own checklists, tips, and timelines, which just serves to make the beginning of wedding planning even more confusing and overwhelming.

As soon as we got engaged (in March 2012), the first thing we decided was roughly when the wedding would be.  I knew I didn’t want to get married until after I graduated with my Masters, so that made Fall 2014 the earliest we could get married.  I always wanted to get married in October because I love fall (and Monsieur P didn’t care either way), so we decided October 2014 would be the time.  That left us with about 2½ years before the wedding.  Since most wedding planning timelines are set up for about a year-long engagement, they were not that helpful to us.

Now, before I get ahead of myself, I’m just going to say that we shirked tradition and didn’t listen to a lot of timelines or wedding websites, because having a 2+ year engagement is unusual and we had to make things fit our situation, as everyone does.  That said, we pulled some no-no’s and made some (minor) mistakes. Continue reading Wedding Planning 101: Where to Begin?