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Hey, Show Me Your Box: Getting to Work

When we last left off, I had some plain cigar boxes sitting in my dining room, untouched, for a few months because I couldn’t seem to find the balance between my dream for our wedding colors and reality.  Well, fast forward to approximately a week before my future sister-in-law was due to visit us in Pittsburgh, and crap.  Time to get to work and get those bridesmaids boxes done so I could present them to my girls before we went shopping for bridesmaid dresses!

Since I procrastinated, I was forced to work with what I had in my craft supplies.  It worked pretty well since it gave me no room to second-guess what I was doing!  Here’s what I used that I already had in my craft box:

  • acrylic paints (bought for a previous project, used pink, orange, and black)
  • paint brushes
  • cardstock
  • blank square gate-fold cards that I found on sale at Marshall’s a year earlier
  • pink ribbon
  • punch tags, also found on sale at Marshall’s a year earlier
  • lace-cutout border punch, bought on sale at JoAnn’s and just waiting for an occasion!

First up, I decided I liked the bracket look of the inspiration, but I wanted to make the box something that my girls could reuse for jewelry or trinkets.  I decided to personalize the box with their name on the top.  Instead of staining the box, I decided to paint it with a blend of our wedding colors, pink and orange.  I found a bracket template, something like this one from Paper Source.  I sketched it onto the box with a pen so I could see it through the paint once I painted the box.

IMG_0942 IMG_0941 IMG_0943

All photos personal.

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