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The Epic E-Pics: the Debate

Sorry for the delay, and even though I gave you a sneak peek in our save the dates, I thought it was a good time to talk about our engagement pictures!  I’ve always loved looking at engagement pictures, and there was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to take them once we got engaged.  Monsieur P, however, needed a little convincing.  He didn’t understand the point of having engagement pictures, because we’re not really big photo people.  On the flip side, that was exactly why we needed them!  You see, we aren’t very good at taking pictures together… we rarely remember to even take snapshots, and we had absolutely ZERO professional photos that we have taken together, unless you count our photographer’s second shooter taking a picture of us at friend V’s wedding… which I didn’t really count!  I thought after 3 years together, we really should have SOME nice photos of us, dressed up, by an actual photographer instead of a grainy cell phone picture.


One of very few “nice” pictures of us, from Monsieur P’s MBA graduation in 2011, with Parisian Mom.  Still just a snapshot; also does not exist on paper, oops.  We seriously suck at this stuff. (photo personal)

“But what the heck would we do with a bunch of pictures of us?” was Monsieur P’s second argument.


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We’re having a wedding!

I might as well get this out of the way fairly early on.  Most of my free time (which is severely limited) these days is spent thinking about weddings*.  After nearly 5 years together, we are engaged and planning a wedding.  Because of my current status as a part-time grad student, full-time employee, part-time employee, and all around busy bee, we’ve had a longer-than-average engagement.  We got engaged in March 2012 (nearly 2 years ago already!?!), and are getting married September 20, 2014.  I’ve always wanted to get married in the fall.  Fall is my favorite season – the weather, the smell, the colors, the pumpkin-flavored-everything (not gonna lie, I just baked some pumpkin cookies), cozy sweaters, comfortable slippers and warm blankets!  I’ve always liked the idea of getting married in the fall, and anticipated incorporating my favorite flower into the wedding.  I have loved tiger lilies since I was in high school, and dreamed of having tiger lilies and orange dresses in my wedding.  As the wedding draws nearer, many of those dream ideas have gone by the wayside, as so many are wont to do.  If you’re interested, stay tuned to find out how things change when life gets in the way!

*  Many of my future posts will probably focus more on wedding details, because I don’t want to bore my fiance, friends & family with the minutiae, but need a place to vent.  Hopefully doing this will help me sort through my thoughts and even keep track of details over such a long planning period.  I also want to use this as a place to display my trials (and errors) on all the little things that I intend to DIY for the wedding, without posting it all to my facebook. 🙂