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Hey, You! Save the Date: My Inspiration

I am a huuuuuuge fan of paper.  Of course, in wedding speak, I mean all the good stuff we dwell on, stress about, spend hours looking at fonts and formatting, and all that jazz.

I love so many, in fact, that narrowing anything down is next to impossible.  Are you sensing a theme here?  I pretty much always love everything pretty and want to do it all.  But to avoid looking like the internet threw up all over my wedding, I need to reign myself in a little bit!

So I started with the things that make me drool.  From the simple, to the elaborate, showcasing photos, or without.

Gorgeous simple Save the Date card from Minted
Amazing DIY Save the Date by Mrs. Gray Wolf! via Weddingbee
I love Save the Dates with photos, this one from Minted
A cute photo AND a nice clean text block from Wedding Paper Divas
Similarly, I love Mrs. Turkey’s Save the Date and corresponding envelope liner! via Weddingbee

So basically, once again, my inspiration is all over the place.  So I started thinking about what we really wanted, inspiration be damned.  I came up with the following:

  • Magnet – magnet save the dates have been my favorite for YEARS.  Reason being – they go on my refrigerator whether or not they’re made with a magnetic back.  Why not save people the hassle and have it already be a magnet?  One and done.
  • Photo – although there are plenty of cute save the date cards without a photo, I knew I wanted to include at least one engagement photo for the save the dates.  Our invitations will not be using the photos, so this is our opportunity to share an engagement photo with our families who don’t use facebook and such.

Well, it’s not much, but it was a starting point.

In the end, our save the dates ended up something like the lovely Mrs. Unicycle:

Mrs. Unicycle’s Save the Date via Weddingbee

That’s right, I nearly forgot that I had created a bunting banner for us to use for our engagement pictures, that we could then later use for our Save the Dates.  Whew, good thing I remembered to use it!

I originally planned on posting a tutorial, but I really don’t think that’s necessary.  I cut some triangles out of cardstock and printed some numbers in a nice font.  I strung them up on some twine that I had laying around, and boom.  Done.  No tutorial necessary, right?

Anyway, because I had it in my head that this banner was oh-so-necessary, we just had to use it for our Save the Dates.  So here’s the banner in action.

Photo by Tressa McCune

Now, if you’re planning on doing a banner, let me give you some REAL TALK.  This was a pain.  Both because we had to remember to use it (ha) and because I’m an amateur who created the banner.  The colors were difficult to photograph, and poor Tressa had to edit the crap out of these pictures to make the numbers show up, since the contrast wasn’t enough.  Do your photographer a favor and spare them the bogus props.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the look, but I could have just as easily printed the numbers on the save the date and saved her the hassle of editing the photos like crazy to make them show up.  I have to say that I can’t imagine it was worth it for her!  If I was doing it over again, I would have skipped the banner.

That said, here’s the Save the Date in its final formatting stage, which of course I love (as you know, I love everything, so).

Save the Date in its final formatting in the Vistaprint studio. Pretty easy to use!


I had found a great deal via Living Social last year for Vistaprint, so, like many brides before me, I took advantage of the deal for some of our wedding paper needs!  The deal I had was $19 for $75 worth of Vistaprint.  I got 100 Save the Date magnets, with envelopes, plus 10 photo thank you cards and envelopes, and paid an extra $36.  So our Save the Dates (and bonus thank yous) cost me a total of $55.  Not too shabby!

However, I have a feeling that I will be spending a teensy bit more (not counting postage) before these puppies are ready for mailing.  What do you think?

Did you get a deal on your Save the Dates?  Is there anything missing that I need to add?  Do you agree that banners are more hassle than they’re worth?


A Special Birthday DIY Surprise

Taking a little break from wedding planning, I’d like to share a special project that I cranked out.  For my mom’s 60th birthday, she insisted – no parties, no gifts.  So we decided what better way to honor the “no gifts” rule than to have all of my mom’s friends and family from past and present, send her surprise birthday cards spanning her birthday week?  My sister said she saw this really cool idea on Pinterest somewhere, and described it to me, but I don’t have Pinterest (I know, I sound like a broken record this week, sorry), so I had to make my own!

The idea is this… send a note to friends and family, and enclose a birthday card with a pre-addressed pre-stamped envelope, so all people have to do is sign their name and drop it in the mailbox!  I decided to go the easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy route and do pre-addressed pre-stamped postcards instead of dealing with envelopes and separate cards.

I’m crazy, so I started from scratch.  First step, find a birthday graphic off of the old Google, throw it into Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, I don’t remember which (I know, I don’t use any “real” editing software, I suck), and make my own postcard.  I put 4 of the pictures on one side to make the most of the cardstock that I would be printing the postcards on.  I went the easy route with all of the same graphic, but I very easily could have done any number of different graphics for the pretty side of the postcard.

All photos personal.


On the next page, which would be printed on the backside, I created your typical postcard layout and put in the address.  Apologies for the blurring out the address, but you can see the watermark graphic that I used as well.

ImageAfter I had my postcards made, the next step was to print them.  Originally, I had planned on buying the cardstock and printing them on my work printer, but after I procrastinated on buying the cardstock, I decided it may be easier to just take my jump drive to the UPS Store and have the postcards printed there.

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