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Parisian Proposal: Numéro Deux

While I’m excited to share wedding planning deets with you, I should probably let you know how we got here. From the very beginning of our relationship, A and I planned on getting married. We got along so well as friends, and there was a level of comfort between us that I’d never felt with anyone before. I remember saying to him, “had I known that you existed, that there was someone out there just like me, I never would have settled for anyone else.” Of course, I’m still a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, our paths to get to this point needed to be as twisted and messy as they were, and so on and so forth. So I wouldn’t change anything about how we came to be. But really, I wouldn’t have felt like such an oddball in this world if I had met him earlier. I guess that’s what growing up is all about though, right? Self -acceptance?

Anywho. We just clicked from the very beginning and there was no doubt in my mind that it was just a matter of time before we were married. So I was on the lookout for a proposal fairly early on. And I waited, and waited. Our friends would ask on occasion, “when are you guys just going to get married already?” At Christmas, A’s cousin asked us when we were getting married. By Valentine’s Day, even A’s mom was pushing for a ring, even sending him pictures of rings and trying to get me to talk wedding plans with her! On Mother’s Day, the family was making bets on when we would get engaged. A’s dad said he “[gave] it six months,” in his adorable Welsh accent. Well, future FIL wins by default, because even though everyone agreed it wouldn’t be long, he called it first, and it was about 4 months from then.

One day in August, A suggested that we “hang out in Oakland, grab some dinner, and reminisce.” I agreed, but reminded him that we had crew practice that night, so that particular night wouldn’t work. He shrugged it off, so my proposal alert went down, and I went back to believing we were just going to have a random date night. Nothing special. All the same, I went to my coworker in a slight panic, and told her that I was afraid I “may have just poo-poo’ed a potential proposal!” Now, A is pretty stubborn, so if he really wanted to propose, no amount of me resisting his plans would have stopped him. But I was nervous that I may have hurt his mojo if he was intending to propose and I screwed it up by annoyingly reminding him of our calendar obligations! His blase attitude didn’t match my level of concern, though, so I ended up shrugging it off as well. Even if I was still a little suspicious. Continue reading Parisian Proposal: Numéro Deux


A Special Getaway: Belated Christmas

So the mister has a hard time buying me things for Christmas, so it’s easier for him to plan us trips.  He took us on our Engageymoon trip to Jamaica (post to come later, I’m sure), and this year, my present was this.  A puzzle of Snowshoe Mountain.  Whaaaaaaaaat? you may be wondering.

Well, when the mister and I first started dating, somehow the topic of snowsports came up, and he asked me if I liked skiing.  I said I tried it once and (failed miserably) didn’t like it, so I stuck to snow tubing.  He asked if I’d ever be interested in snowboarding.  I said hell yeah!  I had just never tried before, but after the miserable ski attempt, I thought I might be better suited to snowboarding.  And so, after about a month of dating, the mister decided it was time to take me to our nearest mountain resort and teach me how to board!

My first snowboarding adventure! / personal photo

We rented my equipment (he had brought his own from California), and he taught me the basics.  And I sat on the hill on the verge of tears for nearly 45 minutes.  He got a little frustrated, but the fact that he survived that ordeal says he’s a real keeper! 🙂

After one day on the slopes, we decided I needed to have my own equipment (board, boots, binding), because renting was half the price of owning it (yikes)!  A few weeks later we were back at it, and ever since, we love going boarding together.

The mister has been saying for years that he wants to take me to a bigger resort and get me to see real mountains/powder/slopes/etc., so we’re upgrading a little from our local, and this weekend, we’re going to Snowshoe!  One day we’ll go out west to the really big mountains, but for now I’m still in the learning curve, so we’ll keep it within driving distance.

So that’s what I’ll be up to this weekend.  Hopefully I make it back in one piece!

Do couples who teach each other a new skill stay together?  Do you ride on one board or two?  Did your significant other teach you something you’ve always wanted to do?

Wedding Planning 101: My Vision

I’m not the kind of girl who has dreamed of her wedding since she was 5, nor have I ever wanted to be a princess. So when Monsieur P and I first got engaged, we sat down to figure out what kind of wedding we wanted.

As a couple, we’re pretty mellow.  We like good food, and good drinks.  Neither of us likes to dance, though we’re not averse to going out, because we’re both chatterboxes and we like to socialize.  Neither of our families is very big on drinking or partying, either.  Because of these personality traits, my plan was that we were in a perfect situation to have a low-budget intimate wedding with a cocktail reception, rather than the more common dinner-and-drinks-and-dancing evening reception.

I thought this was a perfect plan for us, not only because it suits us, but because we’re both pretty cheap when it comes to paying for things that we don’t deem worth spending a lot of money on.  We like to travel, and we like to have nice things, so we spend  money on those things.  But to spend thousands of dollars on a frivolous party?  No, thank you.

Monsieur P and I are pretty in sync when it comes to our tastes, and he doesn’t really take an interest in planning anything, really, and was especially standoffish about wedding anything.  I expected that I would be planning 90% of the wedding and he’d just show up that day to say the “I do’s.”  You may be able to guess where I’m going with this…

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A Special Birthday DIY Surprise

Taking a little break from wedding planning, I’d like to share a special project that I cranked out.  For my mom’s 60th birthday, she insisted – no parties, no gifts.  So we decided what better way to honor the “no gifts” rule than to have all of my mom’s friends and family from past and present, send her surprise birthday cards spanning her birthday week?  My sister said she saw this really cool idea on Pinterest somewhere, and described it to me, but I don’t have Pinterest (I know, I sound like a broken record this week, sorry), so I had to make my own!

The idea is this… send a note to friends and family, and enclose a birthday card with a pre-addressed pre-stamped envelope, so all people have to do is sign their name and drop it in the mailbox!  I decided to go the easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy route and do pre-addressed pre-stamped postcards instead of dealing with envelopes and separate cards.

I’m crazy, so I started from scratch.  First step, find a birthday graphic off of the old Google, throw it into Microsoft Word or Powerpoint, I don’t remember which (I know, I don’t use any “real” editing software, I suck), and make my own postcard.  I put 4 of the pictures on one side to make the most of the cardstock that I would be printing the postcards on.  I went the easy route with all of the same graphic, but I very easily could have done any number of different graphics for the pretty side of the postcard.

All photos personal.


On the next page, which would be printed on the backside, I created your typical postcard layout and put in the address.  Apologies for the blurring out the address, but you can see the watermark graphic that I used as well.

ImageAfter I had my postcards made, the next step was to print them.  Originally, I had planned on buying the cardstock and printing them on my work printer, but after I procrastinated on buying the cardstock, I decided it may be easier to just take my jump drive to the UPS Store and have the postcards printed there.

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