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Wedding Planning 101: Out of Town Guests

Since Monsieur P is from southern California, a lot of his family and friends still live across the country from where we live.  Since we are getting married in Pittsburgh, this means that nearly half of our wedding guests will be flying cross-country.  This fact has impacted SO.MANY.ASPECTS of the wedding planning.  For example:

  • We know we want to host a bangin’ welcome/rehearsal dinner for all of our out-of-town guests to attend, and so we get to spend a little more time with them after they make such a big trip to be with us!
  • We want to keep costs down as much as possible for the bridal party, since they have to make such a financial commitment to travel here already.
  • We want to make the right choice for hotels so that our out-of-town guests have a budget-friendly option, enjoy exploring the city that we love, and have easy access to transportation for the wedding as well.
  • We know that not everyone we invite will have the ability to travel this far to come to the wedding.  And that’s sad, but ultimately we had to do what was best for us (and my sanity!), which meant having the wedding where we live.

Monsieur P’s family is no stranger to traveling cross-country for family weddings, however.  In 2010 (after we celebrated our 1-year anniversary), Monsieur P and I took our first trip (via airplane) together to attend his uncle’s wedding in Tampa, where I finally got to meet his mom and her side of the family.

All photos personal.

The mister and I at the wedding venue, March 2010. Yes, I dyed my hair dark brown for a year of my life!

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A Special Getaway: Belated Christmas

So the mister has a hard time buying me things for Christmas, so it’s easier for him to plan us trips.  He took us on our Engageymoon trip to Jamaica (post to come later, I’m sure), and this year, my present was this.  A puzzle of Snowshoe Mountain.  Whaaaaaaaaat? you may be wondering.

Well, when the mister and I first started dating, somehow the topic of snowsports came up, and he asked me if I liked skiing.  I said I tried it once and (failed miserably) didn’t like it, so I stuck to snow tubing.  He asked if I’d ever be interested in snowboarding.  I said hell yeah!  I had just never tried before, but after the miserable ski attempt, I thought I might be better suited to snowboarding.  And so, after about a month of dating, the mister decided it was time to take me to our nearest mountain resort and teach me how to board!

My first snowboarding adventure! / personal photo

We rented my equipment (he had brought his own from California), and he taught me the basics.  And I sat on the hill on the verge of tears for nearly 45 minutes.  He got a little frustrated, but the fact that he survived that ordeal says he’s a real keeper! 🙂

After one day on the slopes, we decided I needed to have my own equipment (board, boots, binding), because renting was half the price of owning it (yikes)!  A few weeks later we were back at it, and ever since, we love going boarding together.

The mister has been saying for years that he wants to take me to a bigger resort and get me to see real mountains/powder/slopes/etc., so we’re upgrading a little from our local, and this weekend, we’re going to Snowshoe!  One day we’ll go out west to the really big mountains, but for now I’m still in the learning curve, so we’ll keep it within driving distance.

So that’s what I’ll be up to this weekend.  Hopefully I make it back in one piece!

Do couples who teach each other a new skill stay together?  Do you ride on one board or two?  Did your significant other teach you something you’ve always wanted to do?