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Beeing Fit: Weight Loss

As I alluded to in my previous post, yoga has been helping me shed some extra grad-school pounds before the wedding.  I’ve been saying for awhile, a year maybe, that it was time to get into shape for the wedding.  I had a plan of starting early, being in great shape, and just staying in good shape for the wedding, rather than trying to drop a bunch of weight just before the wedding.  Of course, life got in the way, I started a new more-stressful job, and I had a brutal semester of school that caused me to pretty much live at school and work for the entire fall semester.

By the end of that semester, my stress-and-convenience eating was out of control, and to boot, I had been too busy to make my yoga classes more often than not.  I was a mess, and I felt awful.  I was at my heaviest point of life, which wouldn’t bother me if I wasn’t so out of shape, but I was unnecessarily heavy.

That was pretty much how I felt. Sorry for the awkward toe pic, I don’t like feet. via livescience

I’ve never been one to get caught up on the number on the scale.  I’ve always been muscular (thanks to soccer, softball, cross country, basketball, and cheerleading), so I’ve always judged myself based on how I feel and what that weight looks like in the mirror rather than what the scale tells me.  However, at this point, I was seeing a frightening number on the scale (we’ll just say 20 pounds heavier than where I’d like to be, and a solid 10-15 more than my usual), and an unpleasant picture in the mirror as well.  Monsieur P knows better than to comment on a gal’s weight, and he finds me attractive regardless, but my self-conscious self was pretty sure that he had noticed the extra layers and was hoping I’d get on addressing that as well. Continue reading Beeing Fit: Weight Loss


Beeing Fit: Managing Stress

As someone who lives a high-stress life, between the stresses I put on myself (grad school, part-time job), and the stresses that can’t really be avoided (stressful full-time job), coping with stress is a major issue that impacts your mental and physical well-being.  I’ve always lived a pretty busy life, and my jobs have pretty much all been stressful, so it’s something I have just grown accustomed to.  As you can imagine, though, adding wedding planning to the mix is a whooooole lotta crazy.  One way I’ve dealt with this, as you already know, is by having a long engagement to spread the stress out and make it more manageable.

And since I’m sure you’re wondering, “What’s the other major coping mechanism that you use for stress management, Miss P?”


It’s not always this serene / via yoga and fun

Now, before you start thinking I’m some hippie dippy, Lululemon wearing, yoga mat toting, vegan-preaching maniac, let me explain myself.  (and FWIW, I have nothing against any of those things, and I actually am a little bit of a hippie)

Free yoga? Sign me up! No, really. Yoga’s expensive. /via peaceloveandbeyond blog

A few months before I met Monsieur P, I was totally into a running regimen.  I lived in the city, I ran even though I hated it, because it’s the only thing that shrinks my thunder thighs, and I was pretty happy with my fitness.  And then, I developed asthma.  Even when my asthma is well-controlled with my medication, I’m still unable to run for any significant distance, and I was struggling to find a workout that wouldn’t be a trigger for my asthma.

I came across a community fitness program that offered a really reasonably-priced power yoga class, which was $60 for 12 weeks of classes.  I was pretty concerned that I was going to walk into something really weird, and there would be a lot of awkward humming and strange people, because that’s what I thought yoga was.  Before my first class, I tried out some yoga on my wii in the safety of my own home, just to get a basic idea of what I was looking at here.  Then I put on my big-girl pants and ventured to try my first yoga practice in front of other people.

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